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What We Offer


While using Roblox studio along with applying Lua (Programing Language), we can create simple to complex game concepts for you. Imagine a world and we will create it for you in Roblox. Games that allow you to play with friends, family or alone. We have plots for games such as Simulation games, Shooter games, Hide and Seek games, Hunting games, Zombie games, card games, and much more. Our time frames for games are typically any where from 14-21 days depending on the array of functions your game requires. Games that require more functions can take anywhere from 90 days or more. After speaking with an app specialist they can determine an estimated completion time frame. As we create games for our clients we ask that you be patient as we drive to focus on quality versus a speedy timeline. Most of the games we create we insist on a basic partnership where as we own some portion of your game. This allows 2 things to occur. Number one we have an invested interest in seeing your game played and profitable. Number 2 we don’t want to weaken your creative thoughts or ideas you may receive as your game is played and you have additional concepts you want to add to your game. Our fees do not apply to add ons and additional time (hours) that will be spent as we always are willing to add to your game as needed.

Creating Graphics

Creating characters, maps, and objects in games are only limited based on your imagination. We are excited to create graphics for you that make your maps look realistic along with creative features given to characters that make them memorable and unique. We pay close attention to detail while we create color schemes and original designs that make your games lifelike and realistic. These graphics allow us to create items that are original in your game which can be sold on the Roblox platform.

Creating Banner Ads

As you launch your game you will want to advertise on Roblox to get people to notice your game. One of the best ways to advertise is to have a banner ad. The Banner ad can feature a character and or a map in your game. These banner ads can be links to your game within the platform as well as banners you can use to post online to advertise your game. Making a eye catching banner ad can be a smart choice to help send new players to your game.

Creating Game Networks

At CF App Development we promote the opportunity to allow us to create your game or games while we network those games with our games and other client games.   Any businesses or products you own in real life can be promoted in our games as well as other client games within our network.

Creating Game Trailers

Game Trailers are awesome ways to advertise your new or preexisting games. Just as a movie trailer it should be excitin and capture your viewers attention. We can create you an
amazing game trailer that is sure to capture the interest of future players of your game.

Creating Game Passes

We create the game passes for you along with help you sell and promote them on Roblox.

Creating Roblox Movies

We create the game passes for you along with help you sell and promote them on Roblox.

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